Rene has repaired several pieces of modern and vintage jewels for me and my family over the past several yrs. She is meticulous to details and will aim to please. She hunts for jewels on your wish list and has custom-made several pieces for me as gifts. This is a 1-of-a-kind shop and jeweler!!! She, and her husband, Will, are truly stellar is their exquisite supply of jewels and expertise!

Denise Gerst Wood

Rene takes time to talk to you about whatever you need done. She does the work in a timely manner and it is great workmanship.

Debera A. Smith

Renee Huff has a wonderful array of antique and vintage items, jewelry and more. Her historical knowledge of jewelry is also fascinating. I’ve bought one unique necklace from her, and I’m eying other items longingly. Her site is a treat!

Mary Jo Putney

Renee is amazing. She has created several pieces for me, one I have had over ten years. I trust her completely, honest, trustworthy and amazing.

Jeanna R. Maycock

Amazing craftsmanship and quality if you have an original piece commissioned. Renee is a master at restoring antique jewelry.

Layla E

Very professional, expert jewelers, specializing in antique and unique jewelry. Had an early/mid 20th Century ring inspected, cleaned, polished, and resized to perfection. Looks like new! They don’t stretch your ring!

Adam J

Renee is a great Jeweler that I can go to for advice on any piece of jewelry. She has done many repairs for me and I HIGHLY recommend Jeweled Legacy over any other Jewelry Store in the Kansas City Area.

Dawn R

I had my great-grandfather’s pocket watch repaired here. It now ticks along like the fine instrument that it is! I could not be more happy and I highly recommend!! Friendly and professional services the whole way through!

Matt Dowd
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