Think your jewelry can't be saved? Think again!

This was her mother's bracelet from the 1960's. This style of three interconnected pieces (bracelet, ornament and ring) is sometimes called a wrist chain, harem jewelry or our favorite- hand flower. They are made in many metal and stone combinations across the globe. This hand flower is made of sterling silver with turquoise and coral stones by a Native American artist. It's a lovely and graceful piece, but as sometimes happens with these chains, it was caught on something while she was wearing it. She took it to several places and they all told her it could not be repaired.

Saving the Hand Flower Bracelet

The first challenge was finding a piece of turquoise to match the original two. That can be a big stumbling block with vintage material as your chances of finding matches in modern stones is pretty small. It took several weeks, but a matching piece of rough was found. The piece had to be cut to fit, polished and set. The chain was broken in several places, so we repaired that and added a few links since her hand was longer than her moms. At her request we left the patina alone.

What can we save for you?

Bring your broken jewelry in and lets get it restored!

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