Vintage Compact Hack

Compacts were such a huge part of the Hollywood Glamour- there were thousands of designs and women bought them to match outfits the same way we buy shoes. I love the look of them, but I knew that they weren't making many of the refills (and certainly not in Alabaster, which was the closest match the last time I had reason to buy powder). But a couple of WW2 reenactors put me wise to their compact hack.

Props to Vixen Vintage for figuring out how to turn loose powder into a perfectly pressed cake so you can powder your nose in awesome retro style.

What You Need

Loose powder
Rubbing alcohol
New powder puff or sponge to fit in compact
Small bowl
Scrap of fabric
A knife or thick paper for smoothing

1. First thing to do is wash out your vintage compact very well. Bacteria can spread through the leftover makeup so make sure it is washed with soap and let to dry.

2. Scoop some powder into a small bowl.

3. Add about a cap full of liquid to the powder.

4. Mix to a thick paste. You will need to add more powder and liquid as you mix to reach the correct consistency.

5. Scoop the paste in and spread the paste around the dish and press a little to make sure there are no empty bubbles hiding.

6. Smooth out the top with a flat item such as the back if a knife or strong piece of paper.

7. This step is optional, but I like it because it feels more finished.
Take a scrap of cloth (a woven cotton will work best) and lay it on the powder. Press gently onto to cloth with your fingers, making a mark in the powder. If the powder is of the correct thickness, then it will not stick. Now you have that professional "woven" look.

8. Set it in a safe dry place for about 24 hours and after that you are ready to go! As with any other pressed powder compact, be careful not to bang it around in your purse, or drop it as the powder will break. But if that does happen you can just do the process over again reusing the broken powder.

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